Each year, flushing uses billions of gallons of water in the United States. In addition to the environmental impact of such high consumption of natural resources, this level of water usage necessitates new infrastructure construction to treat and transport wastewater. Waterless urinals offer an alternative option to help decrease water usage. These fixtures offer a range of advantages, including improved hygiene, decreased maintenance costs, and reduced utility charges.

How do Waterless Urinals Work?

Waterless No Flush Urinals Supplies

Because urine is a liquid itself, water isn’t needed to push the waste down the drain. Waterless urinals use gravity to drain urine through a drain trap. The urine then settles in an area known as a trap cartridge which contains our proprietary chemical, BlueSeal. BlueSeal’s makeup prevents it from mixing with the urine and acts as a barrier sealing in any odors. The displaced urine is directed down a drain connected to the sewer. In this way, waterless urinals drain urine and eliminate odor without the use of a flushing mechanism. The drain cartridge retains any urine sediment and only needs to be replaced 2-4 times per year.

Features of Waterless Urinals

C&L Supply Company offers a range of waterless urinal models that can meet the needs of various applications, but they all share some common features. Our fixtures feature a high-gloss finish and are similar in appearance to traditional urinal models. All of our fixtures are touch-free to promote restroom hygiene. They are available in both wall drain and bottom drain configurations, and they work in conjunction with affordable trap inserts and sealing liquids. Our waterless urinals are designed to eliminate the need to remove the fixture to access the drain. When necessary, it is a straightforward process to snake the line without removing the urinal.

Benefits of No Flush Urinals

There are numerous advantages in choosing waterless urinals over conventional flush urinals. Some of the benefits include:

Low Maintenance

Because they do not utilize a flushing mechanism, waterless urinals typically require less maintenance than conventional options. These fixtures do not require cisterns or water supply pipes and have easy drain access. Waterless urinals eliminate overflow and clogging issues because high volumes of water aren’t being flushed creating buildup in the pipes.


Conventional, flushing urinals use high volumes of water annually, increasing water and utility bills which can already be costly. Waterless urinals save a significant amount of water. When replacing a urinal that uses one gallon of water per flush, a no-flush urinal can save 10,000 – 40,000 gallons of water every year helping to conserve natural resources while reducing costs.

Touch-Free System

No-flush urinals do not require the user to touch them at any point. By removing the need to contact a surface that may be contaminated, you can prevent the spread of contamination throughout your facility and improve overall hygiene. 


While urine is a sanitary substance, the presence of water in conventional urinals provides a suitable environment for bacteria to grow. Removing the water from the urinal reduces the opportunity for bacteria buildup. This creates a more sanitary restroom by lowering the amount of germs present and eliminating unpleasant odors.

Common Industries that Utilize Waterless Urinals

Any facility can benefit from installing a waterless urinal over a conventional urinal. Though there is no limit to the industries that can utilize these fixtures, common industries include:

  • Healthcare facilities
  • Restaurants and hotels 
  • Offices 
  • Stadiums 
  • Entertainment venues 
  • Airports 
  • Train stations 
  • Schools 
  • Government buildings 
  • Malls

Waterless Urinals from C&L Supply Company

No-flush urinals are a hygienic and cost-saving solution that also conserves water and electricity. At C&L Supply Company, we can find the product that fits your company’s needs. Our lineup of Waterless No-Flush products includes:

We also offer a range of waterless urinal supplies to help meet the needs of every facility. Our offerings include:

We recommend taking advantage of our pilot program which allows business owners and personnel to evaluate and learn more about this technology and its benefits before making the switch to waterless urinals. To get started, contact us or schedule your consultation today.