Touchless faucets are a common sight in commercial restrooms and for good reason – they’re efficient, water-saving, and sanitary. While touchless faucets generally operate on the same principles, there are so many options to choose from that it can be hard to know what will work best in a specific setting.

At C&L Supply Company our expertise lies in assessing our customers’ needs and identifying the best solution from among several choices. Then we match the right products to that solution, including commercial touchless faucets. We have faucet options in a variety of styles to meet many types of functional and aesthetic needs from individual faucets to fully integrated sink systems to stainless steel fixtures for healthcare and more.

Keep reading to learn about how commercial touchless faucets work and their benefits.


Touchless Faucets Components

Touchless faucets have four main components:

  • Sensor: Detects the presence of an object and sends signals to the valve to activate the faucet.
  • Valve: Receives signals from the sensor and starts or stops the flow of water through a rubber-like disc or flow pin mechanism. The polarity of the signal determines whether the solenoid or Micro-Cam engages a pull or push action.
  • Power Source: The faucet requires electricity, either from batteries or a wall outlet.
  • Spout: The spout delivers the water to the sink and can be mounted on a wall or counter.


How Do Commercial Touchless  Faucets Work?

A commercial touchless bathroom faucet turns on and off without a handle, knob, or lever to open and close the valve. Instead, it uses a built-in sensor, typically an infrared detector or capacitive technology, that senses when a user is within range of the spout.

When the sensor detects a user, the valve opens and water flows through the spout. The valve closes and water flow stops when the sensor detects the user is out of range. As a result, the water only runs when it’s needed and automatically turns off.


Types Of Commercial Touchless Faucets

Touchless faucets are not one-size-fits-all products. They are available in various types that are suited to different applications. Some of the most important factors to consider include the amount of use each faucet will get (i.e., staff restroom at a small business versus customers at a warehouse club store or airport), accessibility needs, and design requirements unique to a setting (e.g., school, park or playground, hospital), and physical space available.

Some common options include:

Integrated Sink System

An integrated sink system has built-in soap dispensers, faucets, and dryers. They are an extremely hygienic, sustainable, and cost-effective way to provide hand washing facilities while reducing contamination. This comprehensive solution can be an excellent option for high-end or high-volume restrooms.

Hybrid Flo

Hybrid Flo uses AMTC’s cutting-edge Motor/Micro-Cam technology, eliminating the traditional wet solenoid mechanism. When combined with AMTC’s patented Ball Relief Valve (BRV) and Flow Pin system, this type of faucet is more reliable than traditional diaphragm systems. It is designed and proven to work under the harshest of water conditions.

Health Flo

Health Flo is designed for use in healthcare facilities, allowing for more hygienic handwashing. These faucets use high-grade, low-lead compliant, solid brass and surgical stainless steel, which are anti-bacterial. They can be incorporated with Ball Relief valve and Flow Pin technology, which eliminates rubber-orifice flow control that can harbor bacteria and biofilms.

Fixed Flo

Fixed Flo faucets are designed to ensure maximum water conservation. Internal water flow mechanisms in the faucet are pre-set to a specific flow rate that cannot be altered, even by adding an aerator.


Benefits Of Commercial Touchless Faucets

There are many advantages to installing commercial touchless bathroom faucets, such as:

Reducing Water Usage

Automatic faucets eliminate the risk of accidentally leaving water running when it isn’t needed. This conserves water and reduces wasted utilities.

Preventing the Spreading of Germs

Using a commercial touchless faucet in a public bathroom or healthcare facility minimizes the number of surfaces that are touched, reducing germs, viruses, and dirt users leave behind. There is also a lower risk of re-contamination from touching the taps to turn them off after washing hands. In healthcare settings, faucets made with stainless steel and other Bacterial Growth Limiting Components (BGLC) prevent build-up and spread of pathogens.

Convenient, Hands-free Operation

Touchless commercial faucets are convenient and efficient since they are reliably activated with the wave of a hand. Because they turn off automatically based on the sensor, users can wash and dry their hands quickly without wasting any water.

Low Maintenance

Touchless faucets stay clean longer and experience less wear and tear over time, giving them a longer service life than many traditional faucets. Their streamlined design makes them easy to clean, and with few moving parts, maintenance is minimal.

Lower Water Costs

Touchless faucets save a few seconds’ worth of water flow by closing the valve immediately after a user’s hands are removed. This adds up to thousands of gallons of water saved over time, which lowers your water bill.


Commercial Touchless Bathroom Faucets from C&L Supply Company

C&L Supply Company understands that when it comes to adding or upgrading commercial touchless faucets to your facility, the first step isn’t picking out products, it’s finding the right solution for your needs. Our experienced team takes time to understand your unique application and requirements before suggesting specific faucet products.

Functionality is a top priority, but aesthetics and design are also important. That’s why we offer many models and finishes for customization and to match any decor. From sleek, modern spouts to more classic designs, we offer faucets that will enhance the look, feel, and performance of any commercial bathroom.

Among the touchless commercial faucets we carry, AMTC uses cutting-edge technology that sets them apart from alternatives. They include innovative sensor technologies and motor/micro-cam mechanisms that are efficient and reliable.

Unlike traditional faucet systems, the advanced sensors and valve mechanisms in a commercial touchless faucet help you control water use and do your part for the environment by:

  • Achieving sustainability goals
  • Lowering water bills
  • Contributing to a healthier planet


Why Choose C&L Supply Company

Since 1981 C&L Supply Company has identified solutions for commercial restrooms and provided the best products to put those solutions into place. Our team will work with you to understand your needs for bathroom fixtures including sinks, faucets, soap dispensers, dryers, flush valves, and more. We also provide automated lubricant systems, greases, oils, fluids, specialty lubricants, and accessories for industrial equipment.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your commercial bathrooms with the latest touchless technology or seeking to reduce your environmental footprint, we have the expertise and products to help you reach your goals.

Contact us today or schedule a call to discover how our touchless commercial faucets can transform your facilities.