Most commonly found in public restrooms, touch-free soap dispensers are an efficient and hygienic method of dispensing a controlled amount of soap or hand sanitizer. These devices offer a number of advantages when compared to standard soap dispensers.


Touch-Free Soap Dispensers

Touch-free soap dispensers are often utilized in hospitals and schools, although they offer advantages in a wide array of settings. When the user places their hand beneath the nozzle, it activates the dispenser’s sensor and triggers the release of soap. These devices are most often wall mounted and utilized in combination with automatic faucets. The three components that are vital for the proper functioning of a touch-free soap dispenser are its sensor, pump, and power source.


Mounting Options for Touch-Free Soap Dispensers

Although touch-free soap dispensers are most often seen as wall-mounted devices, other options are available for both home and professional use. These devices may be deck mounted on sinks and dispense soap or sanitizer through a separate faucet. They can be plugged into an electrical outlet or have the added flexibility of being battery operated. For commercial applications, heavily trafficked areas near elevators, restrooms, and entrances have portable, stand-alone, and even adjustable-height units to accommodate users of varying stature. In this case, they are known as freestanding soap dispensers.


Benefits of Touch-Free Soap Dispensers

This method of dispensing soap and hand sanitizer has numerous benefits. 

Easy to Use

Touch-free dispensers are very easy to use when compared to standard soap dispensers. This is particularly true for any user who may have trouble reaching across countertops.

Conserves Soap

Due to the fact that touch-free soap dispensers release a predetermined amount of soap or hand sanitizer, they help prevent the user from taking more than necessary. 


High-traffic areas such as public restrooms have a number of contact points where germs may be transferred from one person to another. Utilizing a touch-free dispenser removes one of these common contact points.


While they are a popular choice for dispensing soap, touch-free dispensers are an excellent way to dispense similar liquids. In particular, these devices offer a hygienic method of dispensing hand sanitizer.


Soap Dispenser Refills

The ability to refill a soap dispenser is a sustainable, cost-effective way to replenish your supply. Dispenser refills give you the option to change products and try new soaps without replacing the dispenser. 

For clients that wish to refill their dispenser with soap purchased in bulk containers such as a gallon we offer the AMTC #ASD-400 Liquid Soap Dispenser and the ASD-500 Foam Dispenser. The refill ability on these models gives you plenty of options when it comes to the cost and flexibility of choosing your own soap. For example, the dispenser can be connected to a gallon or a 5-gallon container for high-volume restrooms.

If a no-mess, prepackaged soap insert is right for you, we offer the TC product line. Other benefits to consider with dispensers that use pre packaged soap or sanitizers are:

  • Each refill comes with a new dispensing nozzles
  • Each pump dispenses new, freshly circulated soap every time — unlike  when you fill from a bulk container where you’re pouring new soap into a bottle that has older soap from prior refills
  • Packages dispense a predetermined amount of liquid or foam. To determine how many hand washings are dispensed with different models, contact our team.

Soap dispenser models often come with a proprietary refill shape and nozzle, so it is important to use the right refill for your dispenser. At C&L, we offer plenty of choices and our experts can help you decide what is best for your application. Contact us if you are unsure which model is right for you.


Touch-Free Soap Dispensers and Refills from C&L

At C&L, we offer an array of dispenser and refill options. Our touch-free soap and hand sanitizer dispenser offerings include:

Our available soap and hand sanitizer refills include:


Optimized Hygiene Solutions from C&L

Since 1981, we at C&L Supply Company have been dedicated to finding hygienic solutions for our customers in order to optimize the health and safety of their work environments. Our process is highly flexible, adapting to the needs of every facility. Additionally, our solutions are able to seamlessly combine with products you already utilize. To learn more about our various touch-free dispenser solutions, contact us or schedule your consultation today.