Petron Plus™ Trans & Gear Box Supplement gal #52002

Petron Plus™ Trans & Gear Box Supplement gal #52002

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Superior petroleum base stocks and superior additive technology
Compatible with all seal materials, plastics, and paints
Superior anti-wear properties
Excellent protection against rust and corrosion
Outstanding oxidation resistance and thermal stability
High flash point and viscosity index
Long life residue



Petron Plus™ Formula 7 Transmission & Gear Box Supplement (T&GB) is made from a unique formulation of high-tech semi-synthetic constituents chemically bonded together in a patented/patent pending new process to form a totally new Nano Monomolecular Technology Extreme Pressure (EP) ingredient available to enhance oxidation resistance and provide maximum protection against friction, wear, rust, and corrosion.
Petron Plus™ T&GB is a multi-purpose super lubricant designed for general maintenance use, from home use to heavy industrial plant projects. It has a super lubrication film that coats and penetrates metal surfaces to provide the longest-lasting lubricating action available. T&GB is the "new standard" in protection.
Petron Plus™ T&GB can be used in any vehicle, marine, farm, earth-moving, off-road equipment or industrial gear box, equipment and machinery.


Part No | 52002 

Size | 1 Gallon Bottle
Flash Point, COC, °F | >420
Pour Point, °C | -9
Four Ball EP
   LWI | 97.92
   Weld, Kg | 500
Rust (JDQ22) | Pass
Salt Spray Test | Pass
Humidity Cabinet Test | Pass
Rust Prevention, ASTM D-665B | Pass
Color | Amber

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