TCell™ Continuous Odor Control System Dispensers

TCell™ Continuous Odor Control System Dispensers

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Highly effective, continuous odor control
• One dispenser covers approximately 3 to 4 stalls/fixtures (6,000 cubic feet)
• Patented, precision dosing delivery system
• Passive dispenser requires no batteries and operates silently
• No propellants or added VOCs
• Environmentally friendly
• Lifetime Warranty


A Long-Lasting Odor Control Solution!

TCell™ promotes a clean, fresh washroom in an environmentally friendly way!

The TCell™ odor control system by Technical Concepts dispenses a consistent level of fragrance over 60 days. 

How TCell™ works...
The fuel cell creates hydrogen with the fragrance chamber. As each molecule of hydrogen is created it forces (pushes) an equal volume of fragrance out of the chamber. Natural air flow in the washroom distributes the fragrance throughout the room.
•Sleek, attractive cabinet design will fit any décor
•Wide array of fragrances available to meet customer preferences
•Refill lasts 60 to 90 days
•Up to 66% refill source reduction over traditional 30 day systems
•Recyclable refill


Dimensions 2.80"W x 5.368"H
Sold as each/Dispenser
Case Pack - 12/Dispensers
Case Weight - 3.5 lbs

Dispenser Installation:
Position the dispenser in an area where moving air will disperse the fragrance and neutralizer throughout the entire area, normally three to six feet from the entranceway. One dispenser covers approximately 6,000 cubic feet.

Lifetime Warranty:Fully guaranteed against defects of parts and workmanship.

TCell™ Refills below: sold separately

- Wakening Spring
- Crystal Breeze
- Citrus
- Mango Blossom
- Summer Sorbet
- Pure™ Odor Neutralizer

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TCell™ Continuous Odor Control System

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