Petron Bundle AFR/Super Fuel System Cleaner/ISL

Petron Bundle AFR/Super Fuel System Cleaner/ISL

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Treat the Metal in your Engine, Clean your Fuel System and treat squeaks and Protect Against Rust & Corrosion

#12121 Engine Conditioner will Increase Fuel Mileage and Reduce Friction 

#20005 Super Concentrated Fuel System Cleaner will Reduce Exhaust emissions

#57120 Ind Super Lube Long lasting film Non-Conductive 

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Petron Plus™ Formula 7 Engine Conditioner is formulated for gasoline and propane engines.  It's made from a unique formulation of high-tech, semi-synthetic constitutes chemically bonded together in a patented process  to form a totally new "Nano Monomolecular Technology Extreme Pressure (EP) ingredient which enhances oxidation resistance and provides maximum protection against wear, rust and corrosion.

Petron Plus Formula 7 Super Concentrate Fuel System Cleaner is formulated for fuel tanks, multi port injectors to combustion chambers. It helps to clean carbon deposit build-up from gasoline engine intake systems & combustion chambers. 

Petron Plus™ Formula 7 Industrial Super Lube is made of a unique formulation of the highest quality petroleum base stocks available using Nano Monomolecular technology. Excellent choice where extra lubrication and rust-prevention is needed. (also available in spray cans & gallon size jugs)



  1. Cars/Trucks
  2. Recreational Vehicles
  3. Earth Moving Equipment
  4. Marine Equipment
  5. Tools


  1. Reduced maintenance cost
  2. Reduced fuel consumption
  3. Reduces exhaust emissions
  4. Smoother engine operation
  5. Long lasting
  6. Outstanding protection against rust & corrosion



Support PDF

12121 AFR Spec Sheet

20005 Fuel Injector Cleaner Spec Sheet

57120 ISL Pen Spec Sheet

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