HEALTHFLO® Large "U" Gooseneck Automatic Sensor Faucet AEF-323HF

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  • Sensor Operated
  • Gear Motor Driven
  • Polished Grade Surgical Grade Stainless Steel
  • Small "V" Gooseneck 
  • available in 0.35 gpm, 0.5 gpm, and 1.5 gpm flow rates
  • Automatic Faucet System For Tempered or Hot/Cold Water Operation
  • Description

    The HEALTHFLO™ is a safer and more hygienic hand washing system for healthcare facilities by using Bacterial Growth Limiting Components (BGLC™). The patented motor drive mechanism eliminates magnetic solenoids and porous rubber or vinyl diaphragms which can harbor biofilm growth. The water velocity through the HEALTHFLO™ sensor faucet system is increased to flush it clean after every use, and the triggering assembly cleans itself of debris that would ordinarily cause other mechanisms to weep. The system also eliminates rubber-orifice flow controls that can also harbor bacteria, and it is designed to flow at its specified flow rate regardless of variations in water pressure, without flow controls or outlet devices of any kind.

    The HEALTHFLO™ line is ideal for healthcare facilities.


    - Polished Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Spout (Standard)
    - Less Than 0.25% Lead Content by Weighted Average
    - Patented BRV® and Gear Motor Drive
    - Hands Free Infrared Sensor Activation
    - Powered by Four (4) C-Cell Batteries (Included)
    - Easy Battery Replacement
    - 1 Hole Center Set Mounting
    - 3 Hole 4" or 8” Center Set Mounting Using Cover Plate
    - 2 Second Shut Off Delay
    - Adjustable Digital Sensing Range: 2” (55mm) - 6” (150mm)
    - Automatic Water Flow Shut-Off: 50 Seconds
    - Operating Water Pressure: 10-125 PSI
    - Easy Installation
    - ADA Compliant



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