DUALFLUSH® Retrofit Handle for Toilet (1.6gpf) ADH-100-16

DUALFLUSH® Retrofit Handle for Toilet (1.6gpf) ADH-100-16

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• Reduces water usage by up to 30% when pushed DOWN
No Behavior Change Required by User to Start Saving Water
• Helps earn LEED credits
• ADA Compliant


• Eliminates costly replacement of porcelain fixtures
• No costly professional installation required
• Excellent Return on Investment (ROI)
• Easily retrofit Sloan, Zurn, AMTC and other similar diaphragm type flushometers
• Lift handle UP for full flush and push handle DOWN for reduced flush
• Lift handle UP for solid waste and push handle DOWN for liquid waste
• Universal usage instructions to handle
• Includes installation wrench and 2 wall signs


•    ADH-100-16 (Down 1.1 gpf. Up 1.6 gpf)

Model ADH-100-16 DUALFLUSH® Water-Saving Handle does not include complete flushometer

Note: Water does not need to be shut off to install DUALFLUSH® Handle, but use caution to NOT ACTIVATE the valve.

Important:Make sure that the existing diaphragm assembly matches the required flush volume for the existing fixture to assure proper and maximum performance.

By properly using this dual-flush toilet system, you are doing your part to conserve water and demonstrating your commitment to preserving the environment.

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