FAQs - Waterless Urinal

Do Waterless urinals smell? Not if they are maintained properly. Simply having the Eco Trap in place and BlueSeal® liquid in the trap will eliminate odors. Keep in mind though, that urine that has absorbed into the tile grout lines on the floor below the urinal can emit a urine/ammonia smell if not cleaned.

Are Waterless urinals very expensive to operate? Waterless No-Flush brand urinals are the most cost effective system on the market. Our EcoTrap® retails for $7.75 each and is changed out about 2 to 4 times a year.  There are competing products that are more expensive $40+ and unfortunately we are often equated with them.

Do you need to change the Eco Trap cartridge if the urinal smells? No, simply add 3oz of BlueSeal®  The life of the cartridge isl longer than the frequency of the liquid needing to be replenished. An Eco Trap cartridge lasts for 7,000-10,000 uses.  3oz of Blue Seal liquid is added after 1500 uses. (see maintenance instructions for frequency chart)

Why do you need to add Blue Seal liquid? After each use, traces of the liquid seal are taken with any liquid that passes through the EcoTrap® cartridge.

How do you know it’s time to change the cartridge? When the EcoTrap® starts to drain slow. Similar to a filter, traces of minerals, hair and other sediment accumulate in the cartridge over time rendering the need to replace.

Do you need to open the cartridge insert to clean it? No, the EcoTrap® is a one piece unit. It is recyclable and is simply changed out. 

Is the Blue Seal liquid biodegradable? BlueSeal® is fully biodegradable and consists of mineral oils, alcohols and color dye. It is the most effective sealing liquid on the market and can be used in other manufactures non water urinals.

How/when do you use BlueSeal® liquid? Blue Seal is added when a new EcoTrap® cartridge is used and when it has been depleted. Simply squeeze the bottle to fill the Portion-Aid measuring cup, tilt and pour into the urinal/trap.

Is a special cleaner required?  Any commercially non-abrasive cleaner can be used on the Waterless No-Flush™ Urinal and will not affect the BlueSeal®

Will the urinals work in very high traffic and outlying areas? Absolutely, high traffic facilities are where the Waterless urinal actually performs best, with a steady stream of users. The same for low use areas as BlueSeal® does not evaporate.

I have a competitor’s urinal that smells, can I use Blue Seal liquid in it? Yes,BlueSeal® can be used in any competitor’s non water urinals that uses a liquid seal.  It will eliminate odors right away and unlike the others liquid seal you can use any commercial liquid cleaner without any harm to the BlueSeal®.

Can I use the EcoTrap® in a competitor’s urinal?  No, each manufactures cartridge is   designed to properly fit their own urinal. Without a proper snug fit, sewer gases will be allowed to escape into the restroom. This is a frequently asked question once someone sees the difference in the cost and design of the cartridge traps.

For waste line clean out, do I need to remove the urinal? No, the Waterless No-Flush brand urinal has a full 2” internal drain line and the urinal does not need to be removed for snaking if needed. Simply remove the EcoTrap®, insert a 4” ABS plastic sleeve into the drain (to protect the fixture surface) and insert the snake. Resident plumbers love this feature as it saves time.

I have a high vandalism facility. What advantages would No-Flush™ urinals have? Without flush valves and water, over flows and flush valve repairs are a thing of the past. In addition, the EcoTrap® acts as a strainer so no debris can get lodged in the urinal trapway as in flushed urinals.