Men's ADA/ Touch Free Restroom Bundle - $1,661.19

Looking to convert your Men's restroom to ADA & touch free?

 Let us help you simplify the process by bundling the essentials

See image for the components, we can add to or remove items as needed.

**Vitrious China fixtures require LTL or truck delivery, please call now to order! 


This ADA/Touch-free bundle starts you out with the basics which include: 

  • AMTC Urinal & Hybridflush Side-Mount Sensor flushometer (0.5 gpf standard unless 0.25 or 1.0 gpf requested) #HSM101814U
  • AMTC ADA Floor Mount Toilet & Hybridflush Side-Mount Sensor flushometer (1.28gpf standard unless requesting 1.1gpf) #HSM1012AT
  • Olsonite Toilet Seat (open front/less cover) #10SSCT
  • Harvey NoSeep #5 bowl wax  w/bolt set #006030-N
  • Zurn Neoprene urinal gasket #Z1200
  • AMTC Hybridflo Automatic Faucet #AEF-301 (0.35 gpm or 0.5 gpm)
  • AMTC Mixing Valve #MV
  • Xlerator hand dryer #XL-BW (110/120V or 208/277V)
** Some installations require a recess kit with hand dryer to be ADA compliant



  1. Men's restroom
  2. New construction or retrofit 


  1. Reliable
  2. Energy efficient 
  3. Reduced waste
  4. Water Saving
  5. Reduce your restroom operating costs