Everprime® Floor Drain Liquid



Most any facility experiences odors emanating from floor drains in restrooms, mechanical rooms, kitchens, warehouses, public areas, air conditioning and confined spaces. These are mostly due to the trap seal (usually water) in the trap evaporating over time, the trap seal not being replenished through trap primers or no additional water entering the trap, i.e. through wet mopping a floor. In addition, depending on the climate you live in, trap seals may evaporate rather quickly.

If the trap is configured with a trap primer, it may be that the trap primer no longer works. Or, in the case the trap was never outfitted with a primer, continuous replenishment of water to the trap is necessary to control odors, costing man hours, trouble shoot calls and salaries.

Enter EverPrime®! Simply add about one (1) gallon of water to the smelly floor drain, then add approximately three (3) ounces of EverPrime into the floor drain (on top of the water). Done! As long as there is no additional large amount of water entering the floor drain, flushing it out, EverPrime will last indefinitely.

For 1-1/2" to 2" floordrains,add approx. 3 oz. of EverPrime
For 3" to 4" floordrains,  add approx. 6 oz. of EverPrime

EverPrime pays for itself on its first application! Just calculate what it may cost to answer a call that a facility or room smells. A custodian or plumber is dispatched to investigate, using their time, gas and resources. They find a smelly floor drain and try to remedy the situation. … And then may have to do it again in a couple of weeks or months!

Great for schools, colleges, stadiums, hospitals, jails and other facilities where buildings/rooms are not occupied for an extended time.

Please follow instructions on bottle.

Available in:

Gallon size bottles, item #1501

Quart size bottles, item #1514.