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  • AEF300
  • AEF301
  • AEF302
  • AEF304
  • AEF306    
  • The HYBRIDFLO® design includes a water resistant control box that allows for easy installation and conceals all mechanical and electrical components. An easy to clean filter along with AMTC's proprietary motor drive mechanism allow for easy maintenance, long life, and ultimate performance.

  • AEF300-FF
  • AEF301-FF
  • AEF302-FF
  • AEF304-FF
  • AEF306-FF       
  • The FIXEDFLO® includes all of the advantages of the HYBRIDFLO® and is the first and only high-efficiency faucet (HEF) system providing ultimate water savings through non- adjustable or "fixed" water flow.

  • AEF300-HF
  • AEF301-HF
  • AEF302-HF         
  • The HEALTHFLO® includes all of the advantages of the HYBRIDFLO® while adding a safer and more hygienic hand washing system for healthcare facilities by using bacterial growth limiting components (BGLC™).


  • AD01 (AC Adapter)
  • HG01 (Hydro-Generator)
  • MV (Mechanical Mixing Valve)
  • TMV (Thermostatic Mixing Valve)
  • CP4 (4” Cover Plate)
  • CP8 (8” Cover Plate)
  • Power Options, Water Mixing and Cover Plate Options.

  • DUALFLUSH® (1.6gpf) MF-700-DFT16
  • DUALFLUSH® (3.5gpf) MF-700-DFT35
  • The AMTC Water Closet Flushometer sets the standard for durability and performance. It features a proprietary silicone diaphragm for long life and
    years of dependable operation.

  •  ADH-100-16 DUALFLUSH® -Toilet
  •  ADH101 HALFLUSH® - Urinal                
  • Convert urinals/ water closets into water saving fixtures by replacing flush handles with HALF-FLUSH® and DUALFLUSH®
    water saving flush handles.

  • Top Mount DUALFLUSH® Toilet AEF-801-DFR
  • Top Mount Toilet AEF-801-RT
  • Top Mount Urinal AEF-801-RU
  • Top Mount Pint Urinal AEF-801-RU
  • Side Mount Toilet HSM-801-R
  • Side Mount Half-Flush Urinal HSM-801R-HF
  • The HYBRIDFLUSH® incorporates AMTC's AXIO® Touch-Free Technology including the patented BRV® mechanism.