About Us

C&L was established in 1981 by Eric Bass, who began working in his late teens for Sontag Plumbing as a stock boy.  It was during this time that he began to learn about plumbing parts.  He eventually got into sales working for Amfac, Hajoca & Keenan Supply, doing this for over a decade before deciding he wanted to venture out on his own. 

After a year of searching for a new career path his wife told him it was time to get serious about a job because they had a family to raise.  So going back to the industry he knew; "Plumbing" he started C&L Supply which he named after his two daughters; Carmela & Leanne, who at the time were 15 and 12 years old.

He enjoyed sales and working with people providing not just a product but a service of the knowledge he had acquired over the years.  The enjoyment of finding a solution to his customers needs is how the company evolved into providing products other than just ones plumbing related.  In the same manner he learned, one part at a time, was how he eventually taught his daughter Carmela who came on board a few years later and continues to this day.

Joining the business in the 90's was his wife Carmen who retired early from 20 years of employment at Lawry's Food and step son Gordon who came from a plumbing background and is our plumbing go to guy.

C&L is a third generation family owned business.  Although the 3rd generation (Carmela's 2 sons) have taken a leave from the business for a few years to serve our country as U.S. Marines. They plan on returning after their fours years of active duty are complete.

Eric is no longer with us, but his family continues to operate providing not just a product but a solution to their customer's needs.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.