Keeping things operating smoothly both internally and in terms of the client experience is the first step on the road to success for every organization. A competitive edge can be gained by investing in products that make routine tasks quicker and more accessible, which frees up funds for growth and innovation.

That’s why more businesses are turning to lubrication and washroom solutions like those provided by C&L Supply Company. These investments help promote efficiency throughout the organization, ensuring long-term stability over time. And we have a wide range of products you can choose from.

Commercial Bathroom Products

Every commercial facility needs a washroom solution to save money and improve hygiene. It means reducing water, electricity, paper towel consumption, and more. Fortunately, we can help integrate technology with your washroom fixtures and fittings to help with these issues.

Washroom products we offer that can cut costs:

Waterless urinals

No more wasting water with our waterless urinals. With billions of gallons of water used for bathrooms, it’s time to reduce water usage to prevent harmful environmental consequences. Plus, you can save on maintenance costs since it has a simple design.

Commercial hand dryers

Our hand dryers work with motion sensor technology, so they’re Touch-Free. They also have a simple modular design, making them easy to maintain. Using these will also lower the need for paper towels. These will allow you to be more sustainable.

The brands we offer are the following:

Touch-free faucets

Touch-free faucets are designed to eliminate the need to touch a tap that could be potentially contaminated. It reduces the probability that germs are spread and improves your washroom hygiene. So you, your employees, and your customers are safe from illness-causing germs.

The brands we offer are as follows:

You can also choose from our different faucet accessories.

*We also offer other manufactures such as Sloan, American Standard, Zurn, Kohler and Chicago.

Automatic Lubricators

Automatic lubricators are a must have in every facility to help maintain the  performance of equipment. With proper lubrication you reduce downtime and extend equipment life, resulting in the savings of time and money.

These are also ideal for promoting safety in the workplace. Sometimes, a lubrication point is high, out of reach, or underwater. So instead of having your men do the lubrication manually, you can use automatic lubricators to do the dirty work. These will reduce the likelihood of workplace injuries.

Single-use automatic lubricators

These are automatic lubricators you can use once and dispose of immediately.

Multipoint automatic lubricators

These automatic lubrication systems are made to endure even the most demanding and harshest commercial and industrial settings. One unit can lubricate 1,2,3 or more lube points up to 20’ away.

Trust C&L Supply Company to Meet Your Washroom & Lubrication Needs

We’re familiar with restroom fixtures and lubrication systems used in the commercial and industrial industry. Every facility requires a safe and cost-effective solution to become efficient. And we have the products – from washroom fixtures to automatic lubricators – you can invest in.

If you have more questions or concerns, please contact us today. Shop now and experience high-quality and innovative solutions to your problems.

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