The importance of high-quality grease and lubricants for machinery and equipment cannot be exaggerated. They’re pivotal substances for reducing friction, preventing wear and tear, and ensuring mechanical components last. Here at C&L Supply Company, we understand the need for these critical products and are committed to providing the best in high-quality grease and lubricant solutions.

The Essentials of Grease and Lubricants

Grease and lubricants are important components in any mechanical system where metal parts are moving against one another. They reduce the friction that occurs between surfaces in contact under load. By providing a thin lubricating film, these substances can minimize the direct metal-to-metal contact. Therefore, they significantly reduce wear and tear and contribute to smoother operation and enhanced performance. Friction reduction also lowers operating temperatures which can lead to reduced energy consumption and extend equipment life.

Selecting the right lubricant for your machinery is crucial. Our high-quality lubricant offerings are specially formulated to offer rust & corrosion protection, reduce friction, vibration and lower operating temperatures. There are also lubricants specifically designed for water resistance in wet environments and food grade for use in food processing plants.

Using the appropriate grease or lubricant is crucial for maintaining equipment and optimizing operational efficiency. Well-lubricated machines run smoothly, consume less energy, and can handle increased workloads. Through their use, businesses will encounter reduced maintenance costs, less downtime, and an overall boost in productivity. Investing in high-quality grease and lubricants is investing in the success of your operation.

Industries and Applications That Use Friction Reducing Solutions

  • Refinery
  • Bakery
  • Packaging
  • Cement Plants
  • Amusement Parks
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining

Friction Reducing Solutions from C&L Supply Company

Among the noteworthy friction reducing products C&L Supply Company offers are:

Machinery & Equipment

Vehicles and 4-Stroke Equipment

Chains & Weapons


Other Brands Offered

We also work with these Lubricant Specialty Manufactures and have some of their products on our “Lubrication Contract” with the City of Los Angeles Contract #1900000000561:

  • Lubrication Engineers
  • Summit
  • Total Lubricants

Bundles: Comprehensive Lubrication Solutions

At C&L Supply Company, we recognize the varied lubrication requirements of our clients’ machinery and equipment. To address this, we’ve curated bundles of grease and lubricants, providing a comprehensive solution that covers a wide spectrum of lubrication needs. These bundles are thoughtfully assembled to ensure that clients have access to an array of products, each serving different aspects of machinery lubrication. We aim to provide convenience and cost-effectiveness alongside top-notch product performance.

Why Choose C&L Supply Company for Your Grease and Lubricant Needs

By opting for C&L Supply Company, you’re choosing a partner that values quality, expertise, and customer satisfaction. We invite you to explore our product range, consult with our experts, and choose the best lubrication solutions for your needs.

Ensure the peak performance and longevity of your equipment with C&L Supply Company’s grease and lubricants.