Commercial hand dryers, commonly found in public restrooms, are eco-friendly and cost-effective alternatives to paper towel dispensers. When their motion sensors are activated, automatic hand dryers generate heat that quickly and efficiently dries the user’s hands. Any facility—including restaurants, sporting arenas, schools, apartments, and medical facilities—can benefit from using commercial hand dryers.


Types of Commercial Hand Dryers

There are three common types of hand dryers.

Traditional Hand Dryer

This type of commercial hand dryer features a button on its face. Users press this button to activate the flow of hot air, which can take at least 45 seconds to dry hands completely.

High-Speed, Automatic Hand Dryer

Unlike traditional hand dryers, high-speed automatic dryers are able to dry hands in just 10 to 15 seconds. This makes the devices significantly more efficient.

Rather than using a button to trigger the flow of air, automatic hand dryers use infrared sensors. These sensors detect when the user places their hands under the vent, eliminating the need for people to touch the dryer. 

Trough Hand Dryer

Trough type hand dryers—where users place their hands in a drying slot—are also automatic, but they are not as hygienic because water droplets often collect in the trough and grow mold. They are also more expensive than other automatic hand dryers.


Benefits of Commercial Hand Dryers

Although many people believe commercial hand dryers to be costly, this is a misconception. In fact, these devices save money over time, in addition to a range of other advantages.

Save Money

On average, commercial hand dryers are approximately 95% cheaper than paper towel alternatives. Therefore, switching from paper towels to electric hand dryers has the potential to save thousands of dollars each year.


Touch-free hand dryers mean that the user does not need to touch any surfaces in order to dry their hands. This increases hygiene, as it removes a common contact point that may be contaminated.

Environmentally Friendly

Paper towels are typically non-biodegradable, so they either get incinerated or sent to landfills. In contrast, commercial hand dryers can effectively dry people’s hands without using significant amounts of electricity.


Most commercial hand dryers finish drying hands in less than 15 seconds. Thus, they are a highly efficient replacement for traditional hand towels.


Public restrooms that use paper towels may experience higher levels of litter, so constant maintenance is required to keep disposal bins from overflowing. If trash bins are full, people usually flush paper towels down the toilet. Paper towels do not break down easily, so the buildup causes drain clogging and flooding. Bacteria from the dirty water can then spread throughout the bathroom and be carried to the rest of the building.

By reducing maintenance tasks, trash output, and clogging risks, commercial hand dryers boost the cleanliness of the entire facility.


Commercial Hand Dryer Features

Commercial hand dryers have certain features that make them ideal for use in any public restroom. They are highly reliable, with simple mechanics that are easy to maintain. Their construction is also durable, making them less likely to need frequent repairs.

Commercial hand dryers are also aesthetically pleasing and able to match the decor of any environment. Adjustable noise levels offer an additional layer of customization.


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From cost savings to increased hygiene, commercial hand dryers offer advantages that can benefit any facility. These devices provide better convenience to customers, reduce paper towel waste, and improve the cleanliness of the restroom. To learn more about how commercial hand dryers could benefit your facility, contact us or schedule a personal consultation today.