Commercial Bathroom Products

High-quality commercial bathroom products improve the hygiene and professionalism of an entire business. These products and accessories make facilities of any size more accessible, convenient, and efficient. The best commercial restroom products can lower expenses and waste by conserving water, soap, and disposable hand towels.

From touch-free hand dryers to waterless urinals, there is a wide array of restroom products available to help keep any facility clean.

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Commercial Bathroom Products

Every year, the United States uses billions of gallons of water to flush urinals. To support this water usage, new infrastructure must be created to treat and transmit both wastewater and potable water. Plus, consuming such a large amount of water has harmful environmental impacts.

Standard Urinals

Waterless urinals are an excellent solution to help conserve water. Facilities can install waterless urinals anywhere a conventional flush urinal would go. The waterless urinals lower costs and water usage by up to 10,000 – 40,000 gallons annually per fixture. Since they are waterless and touch-free, these fixtures reduce bacteria growth, eliminating odors and maintaining a sanitary restroom environment. At C&L Supply Company, we supply a range of waterless urinal options as well as non-water urinal supplies.

In standard commercial urinals, flush valves control the amount of water used in every flush, reducing overall water wastage and operating costs. Furthermore, these valves should be triggered by a reliable automatic flushing device to improve hygiene, removing the need for the user to touch anything to flush the urinal.

Solenoid valves are a common component of restroom automation. However, a wet environment such as a restroom is not an ideal place for them because minerals from the water stick to them, causing them to malfunction. Solenoids become a costly part to replace, at $75 – $145 per fixture. Instead, we recommend automation that does not utilize a solenoid.

Drain Traps

We offer high-efficiency urinal fixtures, retrofit options, and complete flush valves.

Appropriate drain care is a vital part of maintaining sanitary restroom facilities. When floor, shower, and sink drains are not in use, the water in them tends to dry out, allowing sewer fumes and other potentially hazardous gases into the restroom. Drain traps are designed to create a liquid barrier to prevent these odors from permeating the facility, resulting in a more sanitary environment.

Our commercial bathroom product offerings include a drain trap product to help mitigate this from happening.

Commercial Hand Dryers

Commercial Hand DryersCommercial hand dryers have a wide range of advantages when installed in commercial restroom facilities. Hand dryers utilize motion sensor technology to activate when the user places their hands nearby. Since they do not require the user to touch them, they eliminate a common contact point, thus helping prevent the spread of germs in the bathroom.

Compared to disposable paper towels, commercial hand dryers are less expensive and less of a burden on the environment. They operate on very little electricity and do not produce high volumes of waste material. By eliminating the physical waste of paper towels, commercial hand dryers also make it easier to keep the bathroom clean, as there is less mess to remove.

We offer the following commercial hand dryer products:

Additionally, we supply hand dryer accessories to meet the unique needs of any facility.

Restroom Bundles

Restroom bundles are a convenient and cost-effective solution for upgrading or maintaining commercial bathrooms. Our D/13 Sink System bundles a soap dispenser, faucet, and hand dryer into a single basin. This enables the user to wash and dry their hands in one place, improving the overall cleanliness of the bathroom. We also offer a range of touch-free restroom bundles for added convenience.

Refills and Dispensers

Touch-free soap and sanitizer dispensers release a controlled amount of the product when a person places their hands beneath the dispenser. This type of dispenser is a hygienic option, as it eliminates common touchpoints where bacteria can spread. It is also more accessible to users who may struggle to reach across counters to manually pump soap into their hands.

By controlling the amount of product dispensed, touch-free soap and sanitizer dispensers can save money and prevent waste.

Our product line includes soap dispensers and convenient refills, as well as soap and dispenser bundles.

Touch-Free Faucets

Touch-Free FaucetsTouch-free faucets remove the need to touch a potentially contaminated surface to turn the water on, therefore helping prevent the spread of germs. They also reduce water wastage, as they will automatically turn off when the user’s hands are no longer in front of the sensor. This reduces environmental strain and lowers operating costs. We offer the following faucet options:

We also supply a range of faucet accessories.


Industrial toilets are usually manually or automatically operated. Both versions feature valves connected directly to the bowl. Automatic flush toilets use infrared sensors to detect the presence of a person and activate when they move away. Automated toilets reduce high-touch surfaces, but they can also be triggered manually with a button or handle if the toilet does not flush on its own.

We supply a range of retrofit options for different toilet designs. Our product line also includes complete sets of flush valves and high-efficiency toilets.

Commercial Bathroom Products from C&L Supply Company

At C&L Supply Company, we understand the challenges that come with maintaining commercial bathroom facilities. Our years of experience enable us to help our customers identify solutions to lower costs and improve the cleanliness of their bathrooms. The right restroom products save both time and money.

We work closely with our customers to determine the products that are best suited to the unique needs of each facility. If you are satisfied with your current brands, our solutions are flexible enough to work alongside them and optimize efficiency in every area.

Our dedication to health and safety guides every recommendation we make. We stand by our products and process, and we are committed to helping every customer find the solution that works best for them. Contact us or schedule a consultation today to let us assist you in finding the commercial bathroom products that best suit your needs.