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Petron Plus™ Industrial Super Lube Aerosol 12 oz #12125

Petron Plus™ Industrial Super Lube Aerosol 12 oz #12125

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Looking for a Multi-purpose Super Lubricating Spray?  Look no further,
Industrial Super Lube Spray by Petron Plus is the answer - it will Protect against rust, eliminate squeaks, loosens bolts, great on chains and helps prevent gunking - has no harsh odors or chemicals and is long-lasting


Petron Plus™ Formula 7 Industrial Super Lube (ISL) is a multi-purpose lubricant designed for general maintenance use - from home to heavy industrial plants. It's a Non-flammable & Non-Conductive super lubricant.  It coats and penetrates metal surfaces which is why it's so long-lasting and is an excellent choice for maximum protection against rust, oxidation, corrosion, and wear.  
This product contains no CFCs, which deplete the ozone layer. 
Petron Plus™ ISL can be used as a metalworking lube, way oil, or on any vehicle, marine, sports gear or guns, chains, cables, railroad equipment, farm machinery, or earth-moving and off-road equipment.




  • Metalworking lube
  • Sports gear & Weapons
  • Earth Moving Equipment
  • Marine Equipment
  • Tools / AG equipment
  • Gears, Chains, Cables & Bearings 
  • Escalators & Passenger Conveyors


    • Compatible with all seal materials and plastics 
    • High Flash Point & high viscosity index
    • Superior Anti-wear properties
    • Stops squeaks
    • Long-lasting and excellent protection against rust & corrosion
    • Non-conductive and contains NO CFC's



      • Less inventory- will replace other aerosol & liquid lubricants
      • Reduced component wear
      • Long-lasting film lubricant
      • Increase tool life
      • Better finished cut when used for metalworking
      • Protects against rust & oxidation


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