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Petron Plus™ Weapon Lube Needle Pen #30008

Petron Plus™ Weapon Lube Needle Pen #30008

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  •  Keep close tolerance mechanisms free of mud, dirt,grit,salt and ice
  • Reduce Wear & Maintenance
  • Firing Performance


    Petron Plus Formula 7 Weapon Oil is a light amber colored based lubricant with a cleaning agent. It helps prevent oxidation and corrosion, is a rust inhibitant and has extreme pressure and anti-wear properties.



    1. Small Fire Arms
    2. Rifles
    3. Shotguns
    4. Semi & Full Automatic Weapons



    1. Sheds water, dirt and grit
    2. Reduces power residue build up
    3. Oxidation and corrosion resistance
    4. Inhibits Rust
    5. Extreme pressure and Anti-Wear Properties
    6. Safe on metal, wood and composites


    1. Reduced maintenance costs
    2. Self-cleaning lubricant
    3. No greasy mess
    4. Long lasting lubricant film
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