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Petron Plus™ AFR the Engine Conditioner 12oz #12121

Petron Plus™ AFR the Engine Conditioner 12oz #12121

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  • Increase fuel mileage
  • Increase engine life
  • Reduce friction & wear between moving parts
  • Improves horsepower
  • Quiet noisy engines




    Petron Plus Formula 7 Engine Conditioner is formulated for gasoline and propane engines.  It's made from a unique formulation of high-tech, semi-synthetic constitutes chemically bonded together in a patented process  to form a totally new "Nano Monomolecular Technology Extreme Pressure (EP) ingredient, which enhances oxidation resistance and provides maximum protection against wear, rust and corrosion.



    Can be used all types of gasoline and propane powered vehicles

    1. Cars 
    2. Trucks 
    3. Recreational vehicles 
    4. Earth Moving Equipment 
    5. Race Cars 
    6. Marine Equipment



    1. Superior base stocks & additive technology
    2. Compatible with all seal materials, plastics and paints
    3. Superior antiwear properties
    4. Excellent protection against rust & corrosion
    5. Outstanding oxidation resistance and thermal stability
    6. High flash point and viscosity index
    7. Long life residue
    8. Does not contain harmful solvents 


    1. Reduced maintenance costs (reduced component wear)
    2. Long lasting film lubricant
    3. increases fuel efficiency 
    4. Increase engine life
    5. Reduce friction and wear
    6. Quicker start up incl. weather
    7. Lowers operating temperature
    8. Improves horsepower and quiets noisy engines
    9. Protects against acid and corrosion


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