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HYBRIDFLUSH® Side Mount Sensor Urinal Flushometer HSM-801-CU

HYBRIDFLUSH® Side Mount Sensor Urinal Flushometer HSM-801-CU

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  • Reliable Patented All Metal-Gear Motor Drive Mechanism (No Solenoid)
  • Electronic and Mechanical Push Buttons (works when batteries are drained)
  • Standard Chrome Plated All-Metal Housing
  • Works on Toilets or Urinals
  • Quiet Operation
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Available for 1.5 gpf, 0.5gpf, or 0.125gpf
  • Description

    The HYBRIDFLUSH is a revolutionary full-featured
    automatic/manual flushometer. The HYBRIDFLUSH incorporates a unique patented mechanism that allows for automatic/manual operation for unsurpassed reliability. The patented HYBRIDFLUSH design allows for a push button to be used as an alternate flush option that is independent of the battery power. The HYBRIDFLUSH by Advanced Modern Technologies Corporation is the most
    efficient, economical, and complete automatic flush valve system on the market.


    - Patented Gear Motor Drive
    - Hands Free Infrared Sensor Activation
    - Vandal and Water Resistant Design
    - Chrome Plated Metal Housing
    - Quiet Operation
    - Electronic Manual Flush Button (Front)
    - True Mechanical Manual Flush Button (Side)
    *Mechanical Button Works When Batteries are Drained
    - Operates on (4) “C” Alkaline Batteries (Included)
    - Battery Life - 3+ Years
    - “Low Battery” Blinking LED Indicator
    - Easy Battery Replacement-No Water Shut Off Necessary
    - Adjustable Sensor Distance
    - Optional Water Saver Mode
    - Optional Three (3) Second Flush Delay Mode
    - Optional 24-Hour Flush Mode
    - Uses Proprietary Silicone Diaphragm with Filtered Bypass
    - 3/4” I.P.S. Angle Stop
    - Adjustable Tailpiece
    - High Back Pressure Vacuum Breaker with Single Piece
    Hex Coupling Nut
    - Spud Coupling and Flange for 3/4” Top Spud
    - Sweat Solder Kit and Wall Flange with Set Screw
    - High Efficiency For Water Conservation

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