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ATS Jack-Luber™ Model 250cc w/ Cartridge & Battery pack

ATS Jack-Luber™ Model 250cc w/ Cartridge & Battery pack

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  • Size |  8oz (250cc)
  • Application |  Up to 2 Points 
  • Technology |  Powerful mechanical fixed-displacement pump w/Jackscrew Mechanism
  • Dispensing Power |  Up to 200 PSI, may be remote mounted to 20'
  • Power Source |  Battery pack Included
  • Cycle |  Replaceable single use cartridge
  • LED Indicators |  Tri-color LEDs to indicate normal operation, low battery, low temp
  • Weatherproof |  Suitable for outdoors
  • Dispensing Rate |  Standard timed intervals or custom programming available
  • Replaceable, one-time use cartridge - Customer specified lube
  • Replacement Cartridges must be ordered separately (shown)


The Jack-Luber™ is a self-contained, microprocessor controlled, motor driven automatic lubricator. The Jack-Luber™ lubricator operates using a jack screw which pulls the piston down to the lubricant outlet. This dispenses the lubricant at a controlled rate at pressures up to 200 PSI. This pressure allows the Jack-Luber™ to be used with long feed line pipework, and it can even cycle progressive distributors, allowing one Jack-Luber™ to feed several bearings. When one or a combination of selector switches are turned on, the unit will activate at selected intervals. At each interval, approximately 0.5 grams of grease will be delivered to the bearing. The grease output is not affected by temperature or altitude. When the unit is empty, simply change the replaceable lubricant reservoir and battery pack.


  • Size | 8oz capacity (205cc)
  • Temperature Range: -4°F to +131°F (-20°C to +55°C)
  • Dispensing Power | Up to 200 PSI, may be remote mounted to 20'
  • Self-Contained
  • Stand-Alone Automatic
  • Single Point
  • Replaceable, one-time use cartridge
  • filled with customer specified lubricant
  • Set to empty in 15 days or up to 2 years

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