Lubrication is critical to the maintenance of virtually every type of production equipment. It ensures equipment runs smoothly, reduces equipment wear, and prevents equipment failures that lead to unplanned downtime and expensive repairs. Although manual lubrication is the standard method of lubrication for many production facilities, it is not always ideal, which can lead to a variety of equipment issues; insufficient lubrication can lead to excessive friction, wear, and abrasion that damage parts, while over-lubrication can cause waste and be bad for equipment. That’s why some facilities have begun using automatic lubrication systems.

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Overview of Automatic Lubricators

Automatic lubrication systems (ALS) are designed to apply lubricant to bearings, bushings, joints, and other lubrication points on an as-needed basis. Rather than leaving lubrication to chance, you can ensure that the right amount of lubricant is added as frequently as necessary. In addition, automatic lubricators add lubricant to the system while the equipment is in motion, resulting in more effective lubrication and less downtime. 

While the design and construction of automated lubrication systems may vary from facility to facility depending on equipment needs, most systems consist of the following components: 

  • Controller
  • Metering device
  • Pump
  • Tubing and fittings


Benefits of Automatic Lubricators

Automatic lubrication systems offer numerous benefits over manual lubrication methods, including: 

  • Improved safety: Automatic lubricators eliminate the need for manual lubricant application, reducing the risk of worker injury caused by lubrication points being in hard-to-reach or dangerous locations.
  • Enhanced efficiency: Since automatic lubrication systems add lubricant in small amounts while the machine is running, they reduce maintenance downtime. In addition, they achieve greater lubrication coverage with less waste. 
  • Increased effectiveness: Lubricant should be applied in small amounts over time, which is difficult with manual application. Automatic lubricators apply lubricant in optimal amounts as needed.
  • Reduced downtime: Automatic lubrication systems reduce downtime for lubricant application and maintenance operations. Keeping components lubricated also decreases the number of component failures, reducing downtime for repair and replacement operations.
  • Decreased maintenance and replacement costs: In addition to time and labor, automatic lubricators reduce the costs associated with maintenance and replacement operations. 
  • Cleaner operations: Automatic lubricators prevent over-lubrication, which eliminates the risk of lubricant leaking onto the floor or surrounding equipment. As a result, they help keep facilities clean and safe. Automatic lubrication also keeps contaminants out of the bearing.
  • Better productivity: By automatically supplying the appropriate amount of lubricant needed, automatic lubrication systems ensure the equipment will be ready for use and will operate more efficiently. 
  • Longer machine service life: Automatic lubrication systems keep equipment and components protected from abrasion, wear, and the elements, which extends their service lives.
  • Greener operations: Precise lubrication application reduces lubrication usage, eliminating waste and reducing consumption. In addition, fewer replacement parts mean reduced waste output.


Industries and Applications That Use Automatic Lubricators

Automatic lubricators find use in many industries and applications, including:

  • Chemical and petrochemical processing 
  • Energy
  • Food and beverage processing
  • Heavy construction equipment
  • In-plant industrial manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Oil and gas
  • On-road mobile 
  • Pulp and paper processing
  • Steel


Automatic Lubricators From C&L Supply Company

C&L Supply Company is a leading provider of automatic equipment lubricating systems. Our offerings include:

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Superior Automatic Lubricators and Accessories From C&L Supply Company

At C&L Supply Company, we are committed to providing solutions that keep equipment healthy. Our automatic lubrication systems are designed to ensure optimal operational efficiency, facility safety, and equipment service life. To learn more about our automatic lubricators and accessories and how they can benefit your facility, contact us or request a consultation today.