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Which Industrial Lubrication System is Best?

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It’s essential to choose trustworthy industrial lubricants that will keep your equipment running smoothly and safely. These are applied to machine parts to provide a smoother operation and to prevent friction. Additionally, it ensures the machine’s efficiency while prolonging its life expectancy.

Using an industrial lubrication system is highly critical in the manufacturing industry. Its primary use is to displace two solid surfaces to avoid friction, corrosion, binding, and wear, and exclude moisture. Fortunately, C&L Supply has four different automatic equipment lubricators you can utilize. Let’s discuss their strengths and what industries use these products.

Automatic lubricators for industrial applications

Currently, C&L offers four top automatic lubricators for different industrial applications. These are:


The Electro-Luber™ is considered a classic and was developed in 1982. Designed as a single point-of-use, disposable lubricator that uses safe, inert nitrogen gas-powered technology. It dispenses a very thin continuous film.  Its operating span is 14 days up to one year, and it comes prefilled with the lubricant of your choice.

They come in four sizes: ATS Electro-Luber™ 60cc Micro, 125cc Mini, 250cc Budget & 475cc Jumbo Luber.

Ultimate Luber™

The Ultimate Luber™ is a powerful motor-driven refillable lubricator that dispenses intermittently and can feed from 1 to 12 lube points. It has a weather cap, which is weatherproof and suitable for outdoor applications.

Furthermore, it uses powerful mechanical fixed-displacement pump technology. It’s refillable, with a variable from 14 days to two years. Lastly, they come in four sizes. These are ATS Ultimate Luber™ 60cc, 125cc, 250cc, and 500cc .

Titan Lubers

Titan Lubers come in two variations: ATS Titan Oiler 2000 and ATS Titan CL Luber™ – Multi Point Lubricator. Both are weatherproof and suitable for outdoors.

  • The ATS Titan Oiler 2000 is motor-driven and is built on the Ultimate Luber™ technology. You may use it for single or multi-point applications. It’s easily refillable with a large 1400cc (47 fl oz) tank is perfect for most industrial oiler applications where quality and reliability are needed.
  • ATS Titan CL Luber™ – Single or Multi-Point Lubricator is only used for multi-point applications. It’s refillable by replacing the standard grease cartridge.

Jack Luber

The Jack Luber operates using a jack screw which pulls the piston down to the lubricant outlet. The motor-driven, self-contained, microprocessor-controlled; automatic lubricator dispenses grease in intervals of .5cc and is designed to lube a single point.

  • It will operate up to 200psi which allows it to be remotely installed up to 20’ away.
  • It uses a replaceable prefilled reservoir cartridge/battery pack
  • Available in two sizes 125cc and 250cc

Industries & applications that use lubrication system

Automatic industrial lubricators are helpful in various industries and have many different applications. These are ideal for industries that use heavy machinery in everyday operations. Some of the sectors that use C&L Supply’s automatic lubricators include:

  • Chemical and petrochemical processing
  • Cement plants
  • Food and beverage processing
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • In-plant industrial manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Refineries
  • Amusement parks
  • Pulp and paper processing
  • Steel

Keep your machines running smoothly with C&L Supply’s automatic industrial lubricators

C&L Supply is an expert when it comes to automatic lubricators. We have been in the industry since 1981, enabling us to provide three generations of companies with exceptional service. They are committed to providing solutions to keep your equipment healthy and running smoothly through their outstanding automatic industrial lubrication systems.

If you need help searching for the proper industrial lubricant for your equipment, contact us to schedule a call. We’ll happily guide you along the way to ensure you find the right lubrication system.