A Smarter Way To Maintain Your Restrooms and Equipment

Reliable, cost effective restroom and lubrication solutions to fit your facility's unique needs.
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Maintaining Restrooms and Industrial Equipment Is Hard

There are a lot of products to choose from

You waste time and money on maintenance

Equipment fails and toilets get clogged

You Deserve Solutions, Not Just Quick-Fix Products

We believe in finding the right solutions for our clients over selling a product. We assess your needs, then prescribe the products, so you can:

✓ Know you’re getting a cost effective solution

✓ Feel confident in your equipment

✓ Keep your restrooms hygenic and safe

The Smartest Way To Maintain Your Restrooms and Equipment

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We’ve been helping businesses save time, money and energy since 1981.

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We offer product solutions based on your facility’s needs – and flexibility to combine with brands you are happy with. We stand by our products and our process.

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